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Jan. 31st, 2015: That's right folks. I have decided to take another year off and go fishing. I would like to thank everyone for allowing me to take you fishing for the past 18 years. I hope to get to spend some more time on the water with many of you in the future. The time however has come for me to take a little time for myself. You know. Hog all the good spots. LOL. Hope all of you have a truly wonderful year. Thanks again!

~ Master Captain Keith Grimes

                            Tarpon Season

                     (mid June-October 31) 

As a Tarpon fishing guide, I have waited all year for Tarpon season. If things get any better than this, I'm going to have to take something for it. The planets generally align around mid June. The Tarpon can be a week or two early or late. This mostly depends on the arrival of the bait (pogies). The rush of emotions that one feels when sighting that very first Tarpon of the year as she swims down the beach is a feeling you have to experience to understand. It's 75 degrees at daybreak and I actually get goose bumps. Yes, I'm sick. I sure hope they never find a cure. The prime time, is the months of July and August. The Tarpon season usually will stretch into mid October. Sometimes the season will even stretch to early November. As July approaches, the vast schools of pogeys will innundate the beaches along Cape San Blas, St Vincent and St George Island. The Tarpon move in and begin feeding with purpose. Seeing a 110 lb+ fish inhale your bait is akin to a religous experience. About that time the fun really begins. It is what we refer to as "Tarpon Mania". This is what being a fishing guide is all about. We both live bait and Fly Fish for these monsters. Whether live baiting or fly fishing we are in crystal clear waters along the west beaches of Cape San Blas. On a good day, you can see these fish coming from as far away as 500 feet. It is truly a site to behold. A sunny day, the waters flat as glass, the water is crystal clear and you see what looks like multiple torpedoes cruising your way over the white sand shoals. WOW! A typical fight can last from 30 minutes to over 2 hours. Just to offer some perspective, the scales on these fish can often be the size of the palm of your hand. Need I say more? When it's all said and done, you will never forget this trip.

If you have never been Tarpon fishing, you owe it yourself to try it. Most anglers are hooked for life. Who wants to catch a 2 pound fish when you can catch a 100+ pound Monster Tarpon? If you have any questions or wish to make a reservation, contact Capt Keith @ 850-509-0573 or Email


                                                             Fishing Seasons

              Cape San Blas, St George Island, Mexico Beach, Apalachicola, St Joe Bay

Spring Fishing Charter Season: As a fishing guide, this is an exciting time of the year. The winter is over. The spring is full of hope and promise.  Depending upon the weather cycles, our spring fishing season here around Cape San Blas and St George Island starts around mid March. The magic water temp number is 68 degrees. With favorable water temps we will begin seeing a significant push of Pompano, Spanish, Cobia, and Blues. Redfish and Trout will also begin to inhabit the flats again. The fish will be very active this time of year given their long winter vacation. Most of our fishing charter clients that fish this time of year do so because of the milder climate. For a fishing guide, spring is akin to Christmas eve. Tomorow holds our dreams. 

Summer Fishing Charter Season: The season of the Gods! Even before I became a fishing guide, summer was a magical time of the year. June is the month we locals call the beginning of summer. Fish, Fish everywhere! It seems the biggest problem this time of year is deciding on a species to target. Even the Tarpon will begin showing up.  The beaches along St George Island, Cape San Blas and Mexico Beach will be alive with fish. If the weather cooperates, this is primetime sight fishing. We will cruise the flats in search of our chosen quarry. Once located, we will anchor and cast to the fish. Most of the time you will actually watch them take the bait. Now that's exciting! From mid June through October 31 we will be predominately Tarpon fishing. This is the high point of our fishing charter season.Summer in this area will make any fishing guide smile.

Fall Fishing Charter Season: Our fall fishing season runs November-December. For us fishing guides, this is the wind down. With the cooling water temps the fish will begin searching for deeper water. We will abandon the beaches of Cape San Blas, St George Island and Mexico Beach for the areas such as Indian Pass, Apalachicola and the intercoastal waterway. The migratory fish (Pompano, Blues, Spanish and Cobia) will be all but gone. The Redfish, Trout, Sheepshead and Flounder will be the staple fish until spring. Sight Fishing will be limited primarily to Sheepshead. Finding tailing Redfish another good bet. The Trout will be caught almost exclusively in deeper water. Most of our fishing charters this time of year prefer the Sheepshead, Trout & Redfish. 

Winter Fishing Charter Season: The fish will have settled into their normal winter patterns. The beach fishing along St George Island, Cape San Blas and Mexico Beach will consist of Whiting mostly. The major difference in the winter charter fishing season compared to the fall season is strong cold fronts. If we get a week or two of milder temps we will see the fish venture back up on the flats for a few hours each day. The severe cold fronts will find them scurrying for the closest deep hole. We do have some 70+ degree days during the winter. As a fishing guide we realize these are special times. If you are fortunate enough to be here during a milder weather pattern and need a fishing guide, give us a call.

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Fishing Cape San Blas, Apalachicola, St George Island and Mexico Beach
Tarpon Fishing Cape San Blas, Apalachicola, St George Island, Mexico Beach
Tarpon Fishing along saint joseph bay

"Within the first hour, I was hooked up to a 130 lb Tarpon. I'll be back next year!"

- Clay Williams
  Retired NFL Player

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