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Jan. 31st, 2015: That's right folks. I have decided to take another year off and go fishing. I would like to thank everyone for allowing me to take you fishing for the past 18 years. I hope to get to spend some more time on the water with many of you in the future. The time however has come for me to take a little time for myself. You know. Hog all the good spots. LOL. Hope all of you have a truly wonderful year. Thanks again!

~ Master Captain Keith Grimes

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Cape San Blas, St George Island, Apalachicola &
Mexico Beach  Tarpon Fishing with Captain Keith Grimes

They're baaack!!!!

I have some really good news. The Tarpon are here. Even better, they are eating. This has been a great year so far. Given the current number of fish, July should be the best in years.  Whether you choose to battle these giants on spin tackle or fly, you will enjoy sight fishing the crystal clear water and white sand bottom. The Tarpon in our area average 100 lbs. Don't be surprised if the one you hook weighs 150 lbs or even more. Just watching these monsters inhale your bait is almost more than a mortal can stand.  If you are an avid Tarpon angler, you will truly appreciate this beautiful fishery. Give us a call and pack your bags. We'll be waiting at the dock.

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If Tarpon fishing is not on your bucket list, sight fishing the gin clear turtle grass flats of St Joe Bay is truly a wonderful way to spend a day on the water.  While fishing for tailing reds is exciting, we have something even better. With the crystal clear water, turtle grass and white sand flats crowning St Joe Bay, we literally watch the fish inhale the bait. Like Tarpon fishing just on a smaller scale, we see the fish, watch them eat and set the hook. We also pursue the large gator trout in the same way. This is flats fishing on steroids.

I'm sure it is obvious by now that we specialize in sight fishing. Blindly throwing out a line and waiting for something to happen is not what we do. From spin tackle to fly fishing, we can provide you with a truly great day on the water. Give us a call or email us now.


Call: 850-509-0573

Email us at

Captain Grimes Sight Fishing for Tarpon

Why Fish With Us? Because we focus on being the very best at two things "TARPON" fishing & "SIGHT" fishing. We use only the best  equipment (Shimano reels, Terramar rods, Power Pro line, Sage & Tibor fly fishing equipment). Our boat (Egret 189) is not only a beautiful and comfortable craft, Egret boats are at the top of the food chain. There simply isn't a higher quality flats skiff on the planet. The captain keeps this boat spotlessly clean and impeccably maintained.  The Yamaha four stroke engine runs so quiet, you can actually carry on a conversation without shouting. Captain Keith Grimes is a USCG licensed Master Captain with over 1,000 days fishing shallow water species and 30 years of fishing these local waters. You will depart from Port St Joe Marina. This is a first class facility. This facility has ample parking, clean public restrooms, ship store, and great little dockside grill. As our adventure comes to a close,  we'll have a little fish dip, drink a cold beer and relive the memories of the day. We have and will always do everything possible to make your fishing experience a "World Class Fishing Adventure".

 Destination Anglers: Every year I have the opportunity to fish with folks that travel to our area with the sole purpose of fishing for Tarpon. Flying in from California, Texas, Utah, Tennessee, New York, Ohio,  Colorado and all around the US, these anglers are not interested in a vacation. They have one thing on their mind. They want to spend two or three days or more pursuing their passion (TARPON FISHING). These folks have generally fished at one or many of the famous lodges throughout the Caribbean. International travel is not only an expensive way to pursue our passion, it can be quite frustrating dealing with the air travel aspect of visiting these lodges. I have personally missed flight connections, missed boats, had rods, reels, flies & cameras stolen. And even worse, been treated like a child by the very people that I was paying to get me there. You now have a choice. Our Tarpon fishery is as good as it gets. Better yet, there are no crowds. This truly is a Tarpon fishing paradise. And for the traveling fly fisher, you are going to fall in love with St Joe Bay. Crystal clear water over a hard bottom covered by turtle grass and a healthy fishery is the perfect recipe for fly fishing heaven. We now even have South West Airlines flying in to Panama City (1 hour away). We even have excellent lodging choices. And best yet, no passport is required. Give us a try. I believe you will find a new Tarpon Destination. Email us at

  The Captain: I am a USCG licenced Master Captain. I have fished these local waters for over 30 years. I have pursued and caught Tarpon, Redfish, Trophy Trout , Permit and Bonefish throughout Central America, Bahamas, Florida Keys and both the east & west coast of Florida. I have logged over a thousand  days studying shallow water fisheries. See what our clients and fellow captains say. (see testimonials)

The Boat: You are going to love this boat. She is a Egret 189. For those of you who are familiar with the Egrets, I can feel you smiling now. For those who are not familiar with the Egret 189, You are about to experience perfection in it's purest form. While she is a mere 18' 9", she rides like a 24' boat.  Because of the brilliantly designed hull, this craft can run in the rough water along side many larger boats. Her deck is spacious with storage capacity that seems unreal. She can run in 9" of water. That basically means, if it's damp, we can get there. The bottom line is, you will fall in love with her within the first hour. 

  The Fishery : In my travels pursuing shallow water fish, I have experienced many different types of fisheries. I can say with true confidence, the beaches and flats fishing around Cape San Blas  is one of the top fisheries in this hemisphere. We specialize in sight fishing. The waters surrounding Cape San Blas and throughout St Joe Bay are gin clear. You see the fish before you cast. You can often even watch the fish inhale the bait. Now that's sight fishing! The turtle grass flats that crown St Joe Bay consist of hard sand (perfect for wading). There are literally miles of wadable flats. The shallow water which emcompasses the flats allow for skiffs with a shallow draft only. That means minimal boat traffic. This is a light tackle & fly fishing paradise.

Tarpon Fishing : This is truly Big Game fishing. These fish will average 100+ pounds. The game begins around the middle of June and stretches throughout August. The prime time is the month of July. Seeing a 100+ pound silver monster inhaling your bait is a picture that will be burned into your memory for life. Actually getting to boat the giant is almost more than a human can stand. The crystal clear water along the beaches of Cape San Blas make sight fishing for Tarpon in this area as good as anywhere on the globe. Whether your weapon of choice is spin or fly, this is one cool trip. We sight fish the gin clear water along the beaches.  The above picture is a true representation of a typical school moving along the beach. Email us at

Fly Fishing: Having fly fished at some of the best saltwater fishing lodges from the Bahamas to Central America, I can say that the flats surrounding St Joe Bay are as good as any saltwater flats anywhere. The combination of gin clear water and hard bottom make St Joe Bay a fly fishing friendly environment. Add to that the healthy fishery and lack of shallow water pressure, it's a fly fishing paradise. Redfish and large Trout are the primary target while wading the flats. The clear water makes this a real sight fishing experience. For the more hardy fly fisherman, the fly fishing for Tarpon along the beaches of Cape San Blas is a true angling adventure. Through the summer months, the shoreline along the western end of the Cape is generally very clear. This is true sight casting. No blind cast. At an average of 100 lbs, these fish can challenge a 11-12wt rod and reel. I have many times stood on the flats surrounding  some of the worlds best lodges thinking "I have this at home". Come see us! Make your reservations now, before all the good dates are gone. Call  850-509-0573 or Email

Staying at Cape San Blas, St George Island, Mexico Beach or Apalachicola? All of these destinations are located within 1 hour to 45 minutes of each other.  See map.



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"Keith is one of my favorite guides in the world to fish with."

- Bob Story
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